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How Can You Determine Which Is the Best Creatine to Take?

best creatine to take

Taking creatine monohydrate seems to be more advantageous than taking any other form of creatine. However, if you experience any undesirable side effects, creatine citrate may be the only viable option. The reasons are explained below.

Let’s briefly examine some of the other substances before seeing how creatine monohydrate works: Creatine citrate is creatine bound to citric acid. Research shows that this form of creatine can be as effective as creatine monohydrate, but there is a catch- this type of creatine is much more expensive. Creatine nitrate is a nitrate salt form of creatine. It has not been found that its consumption has any advantages, apart from the fact that it is more water soluble. Creatine hydrochloride is creatine bonded to hydrochloric acid. Inside the stomach, it converts to a basic creatine molecule. Though it dissolves more easily than monohydrate, this does not affect absorption. The essence is that creatine nitrate and creatine hydrochloride have not been shown to work as effectively as monohydrate.

In addition, creatine supplements other than creatine mono are usually more highly-priced. This is certainly something that counts against buying them, especially if you consider that their efficacy is dubious. Specifically, there is no proof that taking smaller dosages of such types instead of the standard recommended dosage of creatine mono is better; smaller amounts of other types of creatine do not break down less easily in the stomach; nor will you see better intestinal absorption and absorption in the blood and muscles.

Therefore, if you need to pull through a demanding exercise program, there is nothing like creatine monohydrate. Your muscles will grow stronger and become more flexible as a result of your ability to exercise more intensively. This decreases the risk of getting injured too. In addition, you will be able to resume training faster, as this supplement combats fatigue after workouts. In case you are a professional athlete, you should observe a small but noticeable improvement in your athletic performance. This creatine type will allow you to remain in top shape and successfully cope with your extremely demanding physical training throughout an entire season. It can even decisively contribute to a winning performance in a major sporting event.

So what kind of characteristics should you be looking for in creatine mono? The best type ought to have a smooth texture to enable you to drink it effortlessly. It should not cause you any cramps, bloating, or gas. It needs to be fairly priced, and hence should not include any sugar or other ingredients that unnecessarily increase the price of a product. It should enable you to realize your performance objectives slowly but steadily by exercising for longer periods; so that you get in shape and build the body you have always wanted to have. Your best option is to buy premium-quality creatine monohydrate that conforms to FDA’s good manufacturing practice guidelines. This type of creatine sets the standards for all other types.

If, and only if, creatine monohydrate causes you stomach trouble, then you can try a more water soluble form, such as creatine citrate. However, you need to take twice as much each time in comparison to creatine mono for achieving the same effects, so this will put a strain on your wallet. You can’t have it all!


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